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Linda and Noam met in 2011 in Ibiza and has since then managed to create a lot of things together. They both give credit to the fact that they are such opposites- they are the yin and yang of Ibiza Sanctuary.
In 2012 Linda moved to Ibiza to join Noam and they started their first project together. The combined forces of these two rapidly started multiplying into a lot of projects and also multiplying into little tiny human beings- their sons Pi and Noy.
They work very hard in the summer seasons, and travel in the winters. During the winter adventures, they pick up inspiration and objects that they bring home with them to Ibiza.

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Linda was born in Sweden to a Polish mother and a Swedish father and grew up in multicultural neighbourhoods. This opened up her world early, and she left Sweden at the age of 20, to live and work abroad. She is a restless gipsy soul who loves movement and with a long dream-list in hand, started ticking each one off together with her travels. One of them was to start practicing yoga, which she did 15 years ago, and from that moment, yoga became a huge part of her life. In 2008 she completed her BA from SOAS University of London in Indian Philosophy and Sanskrit and in 2012 her MA in Photojournalism at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She is a retired yoga teacher but still has her daily practice at home.

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Noam was born in Israel "but that's not his fault" as he always say. He left home for travelling at the age of 20 and never really stopped until he found Ibiza. After spending years riding a bike through Australia, experiencing big city life in New York and running a successful business in Goa, he finally settled in Ibiza 15 years ago. His photography journey started much earlier and his camera has never left his side. Now a celebrated photographer in Ibiza, where he's hosted numerous exhibitions and worked for all the large clubs, he continues to take pictures as a way of living and expressing himself creatively. His passion lies in the fields of fine art, travel photography, fashion, erotic and portraits.

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